Dear Lovies: You are Stardust

Dear Lovies,

In case I never get around to telling you, here is a simple truth:  Your mother has brown skin, your father has white skin.  There it is.  Now, while we do not find the facts in evidence particularly startling, someone you cross paths with in life just might.  They may voice it, perhaps as an insult, perhaps as an off color comment, perhaps as an intrusive question.  Perhaps they will just stare.  I hope it never happens but if it does, let me fortify you with the following words….

Your father and I were born into different skin, in different states, into completely different legacies, yet tied together by our heartstrings.  We found each other across this wide, wild universe and created all of you.  You are black.  You are white.  You are amazing.  You are a realized dream with endless possibilities.  You are stardust.   You are unique and splendid souls. You are God’s thumbprint.  You are precious.  You are perfect.  You are limitless.  You are infinite. You are loved.


Never allow anyone to convince you otherwise.


God loves you.  Your father loves you.  I love you.


You, my girls, are stardust.



Mama Lovie


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